10 Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Selling a home can be daunting.  Along with finding a great agent to do the most time consuming part, finding a buyer, here’s a list to help make it a little easier.  This list is one I’ve borrowed from another article.  Unfortunately, I can not remember where I found it. But, nonetheless, it’s a great list that can help relieve some of the pressure of selling a home.

The Gardner Home Team

 1. Price your home correctly.

A realtor like The Gardner Home Team can suggest an accurate price for your home.  They have the tools and knowledge to know the property value in the area and get you the right price. If it’s priced too high buyers will think you’re not really interested in selling.  If it’s price to low buyers could take advantage of you.




2.  Enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Buyers are attracted to property that is clean and inviting.  Mowing, weeding, painting, and updating a mail box are inexpensive updates and make the             home inviting.


1207 E 42nd Pl
1207 E. 42nd Pl., Sand Springs

 3. Update interior and exterior

Updating fixtures and painting will help freshen up the home and help bring the home into the current style.



19853 E Clear Brook Road Owasso, OK

4.  Clean, declutter and depersonalize your home.

By cleaning and decluttering your home it will appear larger and helps the buyer imagine their family living in the home.



6697 Hummingbird Ct, Owasso

5. Stage the house to show how the rooms are supposed to be used.

If you have an odd room give it an identity.  For example, a nook off the kitchen; set it up like an office space or “command center”.


9815 N Stonewick RD
9815 N. Stonewick, Owasso

6.  Make the property easy to show.

Keep your home clean and ready to show.  Leave the property and allow the buyer to imagine their family living in their new home.




pets real estate
The Gardner Home Team

7.  Remove pets.

When showing your home remove your pet and their things.  If a potential home buyer is not a pet lover then it could detract from the showing for the home and a possible offer.



6444 N Indigo2-3

8.  Make sure your listing is on all major online portals.

This is part of your realtor’s services and a priority for The Gardner Home Team. But it’s good to check out your listings too. (Nothing wrong with following up and knowing where your home is posted)  Your realtor will post your listing on all real estate sites; even feature the home on their social media accounts.


9926 N Ashfield Rd, Owasso

9. The listing needs good photos.

Another service provided by The Gardner Home Team, photos allow buyers to see homes they are interested in which can save time in their home search and in turn sell your property sooner.


Stone Canyon Community

 10.  Share information about life in the neighborhood.

Buyers aren’t just looking for a house they are looking for a safe & inviting community for their family.  The Gardner Home Team asks what it’s like living in your neighborhood so they can better inform potential clients.  Who wants to love a house and find out they may not really care for the neighborhood.


If it’s time to sell your home contact The Gardner Home Team to list it today, please call 918-430-8247.  Let the Gardner Team do the leg work to find the perfect buyer for your property.

Stan & Truck Cropped (3)

Stan Gardner  918-430-8247,  Owner

The Gardner Home Team has been selling homes in the Tulsa area for over a combined 35 + years.  Stan, the owner, has been living in the area for over 23 years.  The Gardner Home Team has experience in listening to a client’s needs and finding them the perfect home; be it a custom built home or move in ready.  Call Gardner Home Team today for more information on listings. 918-430-8247


Article written by Cheryl Ward

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