3 Benefits to Building a Home


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When we think of a home we think of where our family and friends will gather. We consider and dream of the Thanksgiving dinners we’ll have.  The Christmas and birthday parties we’ll host. We even imagine kids growing up in that home, going away to college, creating their own families and grand kids coming to visit.

I know dreams may stay just that, dreams and finding the perfect home for that family can be hard.    But it doesn’t have to be.  Finding someone to help is a great way to start.  There are many homes move-in ready.  Some that need work.  And some that aren’t even built yet.

Homes not built yet, that’s what I want to talk about today.  Building a custom dream home.  I know, you’re thinking “build a home?! NO, Way!”  I have to ask, have you done it? I have. Yes, it’s difficult. You find out a lot of things about yourself and your spouse while building. Yes, it can take a long time to build.  I understand it’s not for everyone.  But have you considered it?

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Floor Plan

What are the benefits to building?  Well, first, usually you get more house, or a better house, for your money.  There’s no previous appreciation so the moment you close on your home it begins to appreciate in value.  (This reason appealed strongly to my budget conscience husband.)

A second reason to build would be to put your own style into it before you move in.  You’ve not spent the money to purchase a home just to turn around and put more money into it just to make it livable for your family. And who wants to live among construction if you don’t have to.  And a side note, In building a custom home you know no one has lived in it before you.

A third reason, and a very practical one at that, is you already know what problems are in the home or lack of problems in the home.  I know, you’re thinking isn’t that what an inspection is for.  Well, yes but inspections can still miss things.  Like buying anything else new it lasts longer for the time you have it.  A used car can break down on you the moment you take possession even after having a mechanic look at it.

I know there are many horror stories about building a custom home.  I’ve heard them too. I’ve also heard horror stories of buying a home and being surprised.  Research and find a good realtor to help find a good builder.  Some realtors will have builders they like to work with and will try to push those builders on you but the good realtors will listen to what you need and find it for you. Be it a house or a builder.

In my experience good  builders will have people to walk with you through the process and provide information of each step of the building.  They work with vendors and have laid the ground work to provide a smooth experience for you.  They don’t want you to be unhappy with your home.  And they don’t want to waste your time or theirs.  They want your to enjoy your home once you move in and be happy with their work.  And in the end, you’ll have the most perfect house for your budget and your family.

You may be wondering who I used to help me in building my home.  I used Stan Gardner and he help find the builder perfect for me.  Go ahead and check out some floor plans he has.


Article written by Cheryl Ward



2Stan Gardner  918-430-8247,  Owner


The Gardner Home Team has been selling homes in the Tulsa area for over a combined 35 + years.  Stan, the owner, has living in the area for over 23 years.  The team specializes in luxury homes and relocation.  Call them today for more information on listings.  Buying a home?  The Gardner Home Team has experience in listening to a clients needs and finding them the perfect home.    

For more information click here. Gardner Home Team Listings


One Comment on “3 Benefits to Building a Home

  1. I appreciate the tips on building a new home and its benefits. I didn’t know that you get more house and more for your money when you build a custom home, I would’ve thought that the cookie cutter homes would be cheaper. I would imagine that building a new home could be a stressful experience but I’m sure that those who are planning it learn a lot more about each other.


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