Thinking you want to own your home?  That’s awesome!  It’s a great investment

in the long run.  There are some things to consider when moving from a renter to a home owner. To begin with take note of these 5 issues to help make your decision and find a realtor like the Gardner Home Team that will be honest and answer important questions.

Understand the financial investment involved.

19853 E. Clear Brook Rd.

House payment, Home insurance

Home Owner Association fees (HOA)

Utilities: Water, Electric, garbage, gas, etc.

A renter usually has a monthly rent price which may include some bills like water and garbage pick up.  As a home owner those bills would be separate and you need to keep them in mind when considering purchasing a home.

Evaluate locations with an eye to long term

Rejoice Christian School


Owasso High School

School districts

Access to amenities (pools, trails, stores)

Commute time to work and schools

These may be a few things renters have considered before. But when renters find they don’t care for a certain area they know when their lease is ends they can simply move.

When purchasing a home you need to evaluate each area before making a decision. Homeowners have financial investments tied to their homes.  It’s not as easy to simply finish a lease and move.

New Rules to heed to

HOA’s (Home Owner Association) rules

Owasso Neighborhoods

Fees (what do the fees provide)

Trash pick up policies, rules towards animals

Amenities (pools, trails)

just to name a few….

Your realtor can help get this information to help make informed decisions.

Think like a homeowner

Home Listings

Lawn care



General Maintenance

Once you purchase a home you become the landlord.  Issues like plumbing, lawn care and general maintenance will have to be done by you.  (Hopefully not day one when you move in.)  Your realtor can help by giving you names of trust worthy maintenance personnel to help with any issues.

Consider Neighbors think Property Value

9926 N. Ashfield Rd



Are neighbors renters or owners?

Rental properties tend to cause property values to go down

Renters don’t always put importance on property upkeep like homeowners might.

Curb appeal can drive property values.

Buying a home is a great investment.  It’s important to consider these things before make such a large purchase.

Just another reason using a realtor saves you time and money.  If your looking for a realtor call The Gardner Home Team today and get starting moving into your future.

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Stan Gardner 918-430-8247


(This article inspired by one written on click here to see original article.)


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