Sold! And We Can Sell Your Home Too!

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Sold!  And we can sell your home too!  Over the last 30 days we have sold many homes. This is just a few highlights here in Owasso, Ok.  The real estate market is growing. 

According to the real estate market is seeing signs of growth for 2016 and as a result encouraging home owners to sell.  For an average home the median price per square foot is about $97. Where as over the past 2 years the average price has been $93 per square foot.  And it’s the same for the average listing price; moving upward from $200,000 to $250,000.  The market is also seeing the average days a home is on the market decrease to an estimated 40 days down from 63 days.

The Gardner Home Team is ready to sell your home too.   Call us today 918-430-8247.


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